Top 5 Benefits of EV Charging Stations

Tenant Attraction 

If you own a commercial or residential building, attraction and retention of tenants is extremely important for the financial health of your investment. EV charging stations are a great way to increase interest in your building while retaining those who already occupy your space. As we have seen over the past few years, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on the road. By having EV charging stations, you create an added benefit that puts you ahead of the curve compared to other apartment buildings or commercial spaces that lack them. Furthermore, as we will discuss below, EV charging stations make your space greener which can attract more people due to your building being more sustainable than competitors. 

Advertising Opportunities 

As charging stations become more prevalent, EV drivers now have a variety of resources to find local stations where they can charge their vehicles away from home. There are now several mobile applications and websites that allow businesses to list their public stations for EV drivers to locate and use. This is a great way to get your business or building on the map and bring in traffic that previously may have passed up on you for another space that offers EV charging stations. 

Furthermore, certain EV stations offer different advertising opportunities directly on the station. For example, some stations have screens where businesses can place videos and images to advertise to customers or tenants. 

Additional Revenue

EV charging stations present the opportunity for business or property owners to charge people to use their stations. Depending on the EV charging station you choose, there are different pricing structures and options. For example, you may be able to charge the user a fixed fee per charge or an hourly rate depending on the station. Furthermore, each state has different regulations regarding how electricity can be billed to users of your EV charging stations. Therefore, we recommend working with an experienced installer such as Integra LED who can help you navigate this process and get your station up and running!

Customer Traffic

Connected to the benefit above, EV charging stations can increase traffic and the amount of time customers spend at your location. Not only do EV drivers seek places with EV charging, but they will also spend more time once they are there because their vehicles will be charging. Furthermore, by listing your station, EV drivers will be able to find your station giving you an advantage over other retail locations that don’t offer them or have their stations listed. For example, PlugShare is a mobile application and website that enables users to list and find local EV charging stations. You’d be surprised to find how many businesses and buildings near you offer them! 

Greener Business

By installing an EV charging station, you are incentivizing employees to purchase and utilize electrical vehicles which reduce emissions creating better air quality. If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, replacing them with electric vehicles can take your impact one step further. On top of this, it will reduce the operating cost of them by using electric instead of fossil fuels. 

EV charging stations create a positive image to customers as well and are an excellent way to show that your company values being green and taking the initiative to make an impact. 

If you are interested in installing an electric vehicle charging station, contact us today to learn more! Integra LED works directly with utility companies to help secure incentives making the project significantly cheaper for you! Furthermore, our projects are completely turnkey from ordering the product to the final installation.