David Prescott CEO – Prescott Foundation, Hangar 743

As CEO of the Prescott Foundation, Hangar 743, The Museum, and Warbird Factory Dave runs the ship on all aspects of business, services, products and team development. A former Navy nuclear engineer who grew up on a farm in Iowa, David Prescott founded IntegraOptics, Inc., the #2 fastest-growing company in New York State’s Capital Region (aka “Tech Valley”), according to the 2014 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. IntegraOptics was growing at a rate of nearly 279 percent per year. Based on percentage annual growth 2010 to 2013. After building Integra Optics for over 10 years, David Prescott sold the company to Infinite Electronics to allow him the freedom to pursue his aviation dreams. Before launching IntegraOptics’ in 2007, Prescott, who is also a pilot, ran a flight school and aviation maintenance shop, ProAIR Aviation in the hangar which is now the The Prescott Foundation headquarters. The hangar sits astride the runway at Albany International Airport. Today, one of Prescott’s varied collection of aircraft are on display and flow regularly. Prescott spent nearly nine years in the Navy, where he served in the nuclear propulsion program as an electronics technician. His highest rank: Petty Office Second Class (E-5). He earned a bachelor of science degree in nuclear engineering while on active duty. He left the Navy in 1999, the year he won “Shore Sailor of the Year” honors. Prescott is a veteran who fervently believes in veterans’ “can do” training. He recognizes that veterans are qualified for just about anything they want to do when starting a business or getting a job. Veterans comprised a large percentage of IntegraOptics’ workforce under Mr. Prescott’s leadership.