IntegraEV installed four EV charging ports at the BBL Headquarters in Albany!

For this project we installed two dual port 19.2 kW stations. This is considered the fastest charging rate for Level 2 chargers, making it an excellent option for EV drivers looking for a fast charge at work!

This charging station is the largest and most power charging station in the IntegraEV line-up and has been designed for the future EV driver’s needs with a maximum output of 80 amps, which can deliver up to 65 miles of charge in an hour. This industry-leading speed was designed to accommodate increases in battery capacity, making our charger ready for advances in EV technology.

Workplace electric vehicle (EV) charging can be a great benefit for employees who own EVs, as it allows them to charge their vehicles while at work. This can be especially convenient for employees who have longer commutes, or who would otherwise have difficulty finding a convenient charging location.